Old Manning and Live Game Blog

Old Manning and Live Game Blog


Old Manning and Live Game Blog


Two important items of note today:

1.  The Old Manning series is finished.  I’ve compiled all the entries into one complete article.  Even if you’ve read parts 1-6 follow the link to see my predictions for the last 6 seasons of Manning’s career and final conclusions.

2.  I’ll be doing a live game blog for tonight’s game.  Join me back here at 8 PM (Indianapolis Time) to join in.  Otherwise, check back later to read the comments and observations.

By the way, if you missed this incredible interview with Bob Lamey from the Daily Links, be sure to check it out.  It’s a great listen.  Perhaps my favorite part is when Bob admits to being a homer and makes no apologies for it.  It reminds of me of someone else I know…

See you in a few hours.

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