Since June 11, 2009

Since June 11, 2009


Since June 11, 2009


The Angels sported an entire lineup of .300 hitters against the Indians on August 18th.
The Angels have gone on a 44-16 run since being swept by the Tampa Bay Rays in Tampa dating back to June 11th.

Since then, the Angels have surpassed everyone in the runs scores, team batting average, have won 44 games and hold a 6.5 game lead over the Texas Rangers despite winning just 3 games against Texas, combined with coping with a shaky bullpen, inconsistency from the starting pitching and Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter missing a month of Baseball action.

So what did Mike Scioscia tell the players after that dreadful sweepage in Tampa that led to a huge turn around? Adam Dodge wrote a Blog entry back in June that details out the top 10 things that Scioscia may have said to his players in that meeting.

All kidding aside, on August 18th the Angels sported a .300 or better batting average from all nine of their regulars. Incredible and a huge compliment to the players who responded and major kudos to Angels’ hitting coach Mickey Hatcher.

With Saunders claiming he feels better and is set to come off the DL soon, Ervin Santana showing the type of pitcher we witnessed in 2008, Lackey proving he’s a legitimate ace and Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter back in the lineup — the Angels appear to be on their way to another strong finish to the season. Let’s just hope it carries over through October so fans can enjoy another World Series parade from Disneyland to the Big A.

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