Wolves Updates 8/20

Wolves Updates 8/20

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Wolves Updates 8/20


The word is Kurt Rambis will get a say in personnel decisions — not just coaching decisions.

Fred Hoiberg worked as a volunteer in the locker room at the PGA tournament.

Reached yesterday, sources close to Rubio said that there was no substance to talks of Rubio heading to the Knicks and were actually unaware of the reports that have been floating around suggesting that Minnesota was talking about a Rubio deal with New York. Sources said that Minnesota continues to pledge their support in getting Ricky his release from Joventut. The source was clear that Ricky would have no objection at all to landing with the Knicks, but said based on the discussions taking place with Minnesota there was no evidence to support the rumors.

The common question on Rubio is why doesn’t he just borrow the cash and buy himself out, and the answer there is two part: Access to cash is not the issue, it’s a willingness to tap into those funds to pay what Rubio’s camp believes is an unfair price – over $8 million USD. The second part is that despite what could be in excess of $600,000 in endorsements, and $500,000 committed from the Timberwolves, Ricky would still be on the hook for roughly $7 million in debt, versus $5.6 million in guaranteed salary. The risk on the debt for Ricky is too great and no one wants a 19-year taking the floor playing tentative because of fear of injury. The earliest the Timberwolves can guarantee Ricky’s third year is July 1st, 2010 and even a “wink-nod” would be considered a cap violation.
Sources close to the situation said again yesterday, if Joventut wants to make a deal, a deal can be done tomorrow. The belief is that $4 million USD gets it done today, it’s up to Joventut to come back to the table.

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