Should the Red Sox have celebrated? Hell Yeah!

Should the Red Sox have celebrated? Hell Yeah!

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Should the Red Sox have celebrated? Hell Yeah!


So, the Red Sox clinched the wild card last night when the Angels nicely beat the Rangers. We all were hoping that the boys would clinch with a win and we’d get to see a crazy celebration on the field…in front of the fans. However, our late innings rally was a run or two too short.

There is a lot of discussion last night and this morning…that the Red Sox should not have had a celebration following their 5th straight loss. A lot of people think it is bad form….or embarrassing.

I am not one of those people. I’m gonna give you just one little highlight of my Pedey Q&A article this evening. Dave O’Brien started off the Q&A asking Pedey some basic questions before turning it over to the fans.

One question he asked Pedey was about how they planned to celebrate when they clinch. O’Brien said that a lot of sports radio people were discussing if they should be celebrating at all and in what way…

It’s one of the only times I say Pedey get annoyed and a little disgrunted. His response was…that he did not feel it was the media, sports radio or anyone else’s job to decide how or if they will celebrate. He followed it with this statement, “We’re the ones who will put the work in to clinch, so we can decide to celebrate any damn way we want.” That was followed by a bunch of cheers…myself included. LOUDLY.

The Red Sox won the wildcard…and we know for sure that they are going to the post season. I am celebrating that. I think the Red Sox should celebrate that. It would have been better to celebrate clinching because of a win…instead of a Ranger loss, but it’s still pretty kick arse.

My thoughts…the Red Sox put the work in all season long in order to be in the position to clinch, no matter how it comes. A lot of other teams would wish to be in that position. When you know you are going to the post season…champagne should fly…Pap should wear almost no clothing and don a hat made out of a beer case.

All it matters…in my little old world…is that you got in, not how you got in. And maybe all of this spectulation on how the right way to “celebrate” is why the Red Sox decided to celebrate behind the closed doors of the clubhouse and not let the media in. It’s their celebration….and Pedey is right…they can do it however the hell they want.

Let’s Go Red Sox! We are officially headed to Soxtober!!!

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