Some Football Press Releases For You

Some Football Press Releases For You

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Some Football Press Releases For You


I’m up late. I have a presentation to give on Wednesday and I need to clear these releases out from the Fang’s Bites inbox as I won’t be able to provide links. This will involve both pro and college football, so let’s go.

From NFL Network, this is quotage from “The Head Coaches”. I’ve yet to see this show. You know the issue I have with not having a TV right now. One of these days, I’ll see it.

Quotable from Week 3 Edition of The Head Coaches on NFL Network

(Airs Mondays at 6:30 PM ET with replays at 8:30 and 10:00 PM ET)

Special Guest Interview: Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress with Martz and Mariucci:

“He’s an equal-opportunity thrower. If you’re open, he’s going to throw it to you.” Brad Childress on Vikings QB Brett Favre

“It’s just a tremendous rivalry. I’m happy to have them in our backyard.” Brad Childress on the Vikings upcoming game vs. Green Bay

Quick Quotes:

“They are covered for the present time and they are certainly covered for the future.” Steve Mariucci on the Philadelphia Eagles depth at quarterback

“We finally have to all agree that Andy Reid knows what he’s doing with quarterbacks.” Mike Martz on the Philadelphia Eagles developing quarterbacks

“Jim has spent all this time as the quarterbacks coach, the play caller and the head coach…He needs to get back to being the head coach and the assistants have to pick up some of the slack with the passing game.” Mike Martz on Redskins head coach Jim Zorn

“I don’t know what their identity is on offense. They’re a little bit of this, little of that, but I don’t know where they are headed. It’s a pretty solid team, but they’re all over the map.” Steve Mariucci on the Miami Dolphins

“With Joe Flacco right now, they can strike from anywhere on the field and that’s scary with a defense and a running game like they have.” Mike Martz on the Baltimore Ravens

“The poise, execution and wherewithal of this kid is unbelievable.” Steve Mariucci on Jets QB Mark Sanchez

“In my mind, [the questioning] was uncalled for. I thought he did a terrific job handling it and moving through it.” Mike Martz on Bills WR Terrell Owens postgame press conference

“That line of questioning bordered on being extremely unprofessional. They were badgering the witness and I think he handled it very well.” Steve Mariucci on Bills WR Terrell Owens’ postgame press conference

“It’s not about getting them the ball for the streak, but it’s about getting those good players the ball to be productive for you.” Steve Mariucci on getting wide receivers involved in the game

“Elite players are like that. They want to get in the game and make a play.” Mike Martz on getting players involved in the game

*** Additional exclusive video clips from Monday’s The Head Coaches are available on These videos include:

The NFL Head Coaches talk about Jim Zorn and the early struggles of the Washington Redskins

‘What They Said, What They Meant’ – The coaches take a look at Terrell Owens’ press conference and decipher what he meant

The coaches discuss what the Philadelphia Eagles should do at the quarterback position

And many more Week 3 game highlights and postgame video only on

Moving to CBS Sports which previews a feature on this Sunday’s NFL Today program.



THE NFL ON CBS, home of Super Bowl XLIV and broadcasting its Golden Anniversary 50th year of the NFL, continues its 2009 NFL season on Sunday, Oct. 4 (1:00-7:00 PM, ET) beginning with THE NFL TODAY (12:00 Noon-1:00 PM, ET).

THE NFL TODAY’s Dan Marino visits with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to talk about his season so far, his team’s 3-0 start and his off-the-field charity work in New Orleans. This season Brees has thrown for nine touchdowns and is on pace for 48, which puts him just shy of Tom Brady’s record of 50. Last year Brees threw for 5,069 yards, just 15 yards shy of tying Marino’s record of 5,084 yards in 1984. Jeff St. Arromand is the producer.

James Brown hosts THE NFL TODAY along with analysts Marino, Boomer Esiason, Shannon Sharpe and Bill Cowher, NFL TODAY “General Manager” Charley Casserly, as well as Lesley Visser and Sam Ryan reporting.

Eric Mann is senior producer and Bob Matina is director of THE NFL TODAY.

Sean McManus is President, CBS News and Sports, and serves as the executive producer for the Network’s coverage of the NFL. Harold Bryant is Vice President, Production, CBS Sports.

To Sirius XM Radio which will have a three part interview series with NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown.


Madison Tackles Brown: The Athlete, Activist and Actor

A revealing and powerful look at the life and times of the iconic figure

NEW YORK – September 29, 2009 – SIRIUS XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) announced that it will broadcast an exclusive series of hard hitting, no-holds barred interviews with Hall of Fame running back, activist and actor Jim Brown conducted by award-winning SIRIUS XM Radio host Joe Madison. The Madison-Brown interview specials will air across multiple SIRIUS XM channels in three hour-long installments, featuring in-depth discussions on sports; race, politics and activism; and Hollywood and celebrity.

Madison’s insightful interviews provide an intimate portrait of the man whose legendary career, influence and impact on American culture is multi-faceted. With unflinching candor, Brown reflects on his extraordinary life experiences, the lessons he’s learned, and how he applies them to his life today.

“Jim Brown is one of the most fascinating figures of our times, and his amazing accomplishments on and off the field broke new ground at every turn and have left an indelible mark on our culture,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SIRIUS XM Radio. “Many people think they know the ‘Jim Brown story’ but until now, the whole story has not been told. With this satellite radio broadcast event, Joe Madison connects SIRIUS XM’s millions of listeners across the country with the complete Jim Brown.”

The first interview, “The Athlete,” will air October 2 at 8:00 am ET on The Power, XM channel 169, and at 11:00 am ET on SIRIUS XM Stars, SIRIUS channel 102 and XM channel 155. It will replay October 3 at 6:00 pm ET on The Power. “The Athlete” focuses on Brown’s storied years in the NFL as a Hall of Fame running back with the Cleveland Browns. At the height of his career Brown was the highest paid player in the NFL, earning $85,000 a year. He was also the first NFL player to have an agent. Brown reflects on his experience in professional sports and offers advice for the next generation of young star athletes on how to deal with newfound fame, wealth and success. He also offers insight on players’ relationships with their coaches.

The second installment, “The Activist,” focuses on race, politics and activism, and will air October 9 at 8:00 am ET on The Power, XM channel 169, and at 11:00 am ET on SIRIUS XM Stars, SIRIUS channel 102 and XM channel 155. It will replay October 10 at 6:00 pm ET on The Power. The drive that fueled Brown on the football field carried over to his role as community activist. For many years Brown has worked with black communities across the country, helping to eradicate violence and emphasizing the importance and power of education. As part of this mission, Brown also visits prisons to speak to inmates, and works with gang leaders in cities large and small. Through Amer-I-Can, Brown’s non-profit organization created to offer social support and services to underserved populations and cities, he acts as a mentor and helps millions of young men and women across the country achieve success and self-confidence.

The third and final hour of Madison and Brown’s in-depth conversation, “The Actor,” will air October 16 at 8:00 am ET on The Power, XM channel 169, and at 11:00 am ET on SIRIUS XM Stars, SIRIUS channel 102 and XM channel 155. It will replay October 17 at 6:00 pm ET on The Power. “The Actor” explores Brown’s transition from star athlete to Hollywood box office champ. Brown reveals what it was like to be black in 1960s and 1970s Hollywood; the role race played in the parts he was offered and the parts he sought; why “The Dirty Dozen” is his favorite of his movies; his on-and off-screen relationship with Raquel Welch; his friendship and partnership with comedian Richard Pryor, and how that disintegrated because of Pryor’s drug addiction; his days managing Earth, Wind & Fire; and more.

Joe Madison, also known as “The Black Eagle,” is recognized as a human and civil rights activist, abolitionist against slavery in Africa, television commentator, columnist, lecturer, labor and corporate spokesman, musician, and athlete. He is the former executive director of the Detroit NAACP and was later appointed director of the national NAACP political action department. Joe Madison’s daily, call-in show airs from 6:00 – 10:00 am ET on The Power, XM channel 169. Madison has been named one of Talker Magazine’s “100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts” nine times.

For more information visit and

We turn to the college football ranks. Here are news, notes and quotes from CBS College Sports’ Tony Barnhart Show.





CBS COLLEGE SPORTS NETWORKs THE TONY BARNHART SHOW, a new weekly one-hour primetime college football talk show, features political strategist and LSU fan James Carville, University of Georgia head coach Mark Richt and columnist Mike Freeman on Tuesday, Sept 29 (9:00 PM, ET).

“Mr. College Football,” Tony Barnhart hosts the show along with Brian Jones. The hard-hitting program debates and analyzes the hot topics and issues facing college football both on and off-the-field. This week, Barnhart and Jones look at the “glass ceiling” as it relates to Boise State. Can an undefeated non-BCS school make it to the national championship game? In addition, the show examines the latest news on Tim Tebow’s concussion.

The TONY BARNHART SHOW will air each Tuesday throughout the college football season at 9:00 PM, ET. Mike Aresco serves as Executive Producer. Tyler Hale and Stefan Van Engen produce.

* * * * *


Of course I’m a playoff guy. If you want to know just how stupid this whole system is, the Coaches Poll has Penn State ranked above Iowa. This is the beautiful one, they have Cal ranked higher then Oregon. Last week they had BYU ranked higher then Florida State. How can anyone with a straight face defend the poll? Oregon beat Cal 42-3. I think I know who the better football team is…They have got to turn this thing around. And they can do it within the existing bowl structure. If it was up to me, every team would play nothing but conference games, and then have the conference champions tee it up and have all the bowl games be intersectional games…This system is no good. I pull against it every time. I hope there are three undefeated teams in the country, and I hope it’s just a big mess. That’s the one thing I pull for more than anything in college football, that the BCS just turns into a big, rotten mess.

(BARNHART ON ALABAMA): Right now based on what I have seen on the field, I think Alabama is the best team in the country, they have everything you need. Great defense, they lost a great player in Dont’a Hightower, but they had a kid like Trent Richardson who can run, they have a super super defense. I think they have all the elements you need to win a national championship. I don’t see any weaknesses on this Alabama team.

(BARNHART ON BOISE STATE): This is not going to make my friend Karl Benson, the WAC Commissioner, very happy. There is a glass ceiling for Boise State and they’ve just about reached it. And no, an undefeated Boise is not going to go to the BCS Championship ahead of a one-loss Champion of the SEC, Big 12 or Pac-10….I’ll admit, it’s not Boise State’s fault, the only thing that Boise can control is its non-conference schedule and it’s difficult, if not impossible to put together a strong non-conference schedule because very few teams from the big six conferences will come to Boise. It’s not fair, I’ll give you that, but at the end of the day you have to play the schedule in front of you, and that schedule is not going to put Boise into the BCS game ahead of one of the big boys.

(MIKE FREEMAN ON BOISE STATE): The Pac-10 is very overrated, it’s extremely overrated. There is one good team in the Pac-10. The second best team in the Pac-10 just got whooped. So why cant Boise State go in and beat one of those teams or play against one of those teams? This whole thing just smacks of old school politics.

Finally, we get a preview of SEC Gridiron Live on Fox Sports Net’s Southern affiliates.


SEC Gridiron LIVE Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on FOX Sports South

Charles Davis, Randy Cross, David Pollack and Cassidy Hubbarth Offer Previews & Picks

Southeastern Conference football coverage on FOX Sports South continues this week with SEC Gridiron LIVE presented by O’Charley’s, Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET. Hosted by Charles Davis with analysts Randy Cross and David Pollack and social media reporter Cassidy Hubbarth, SEC Gridiron LIVE offers previews and picks of all seven SEC games, as well as a special mic’d up feature on controversial University of Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin. The crew counts down the Top 5 running backs they would pay to see and debates hot topics including why Auburn isn’t ranked and why Tim Tebow was playing in the Gators’ game against Kentucky when he was injured. Throughout the show, fans will have the opportunity to interact and debate with each other and the team of in-studio experts via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Live SEC football returns to FOX Sports South on Saturday, October 10 for a showdown between Kentucky and South Carolina at 12:30 p.m. ET.

SEC football is distributed to more than 24 million cable and satellite households on the FSN regional networks throughout the SEC territory – FOX Sports South, Sun Sports, FOX Sports Houston and FOX Sports Southwest.

That’s it for this post. Another press release post is coming up.

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