Bye Week or Not....

Bye Week or Not....

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Bye Week or Not....


…There’s ALWAYS a flag to spot!  Big thanks to Will Walker for the screen cap.  I don’t know if you’ve checked out the show this AM or not, but an AMAZING job on getting the double-crimson flags prominently flying in the breeze.  Right behind Fowler and Herbstreit’s mugs as well!  Nice work by the crimson soldiers on the ground out there!

So, the bye week.  What will YOU watch/do today?  I’m intrigued by the Red River game, simply for the rivalry and tradition of it all.  Oklahoma could really screw up Texas and their bid for the BCS title game. 

The BCS standings will be revealed tomorrow, and there is some speculation out there that if Florida and ‘Bama win out, they not only would play each other in the SEC Title game, but would be assured to meet in the BCS title game as well!?!  That’s kind of a downer if you ask me.  I would much prefer to see two teams from different conferences play for the whole thing, wouldn’t you?  I mean OK, if Florida and Alabama are the two best teams in the country and everyone says so, then yeah, I guess they should play for the whole thing.  But if they are playing for the SEC title, isn’t that enough?  Anyway, you glance at Florida and ‘Bama’s schedules?  The whole idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched.  ‘Bama only has two road games left, and they get South Carolina at home tonight, and LSU in Tuscaloosa two weeks after that.  Florida has to go to Miss State and South Carolina, but still, not anything they can’t take care of (most likely?).  So it may not matter what happens to Texas today. 

And of course, PAC-10 wise I am going to be checking out USC-Notre Dame.  That comeback act has been impressive by Clausen and company this season, but USC is playing like the “real thing” all of a sudden.  They are such a different animal with Matt Barkley at QB.  But we’ll see!  That, my friends, is why they play this here game. 


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