Marv Levy Destroyed the Bills as a G.M

Marv Levy Destroyed the Bills as a G.M

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Marv Levy Destroyed the Bills as a G.M


By John from Buffalo

I am going to go ahead and begin saying that as a former Bills fan, I feel that Dick Jauron’s hiring is a product of what is a huge joke. When Ralph Wilson brought in 80-year old, Marv Levy as General Manager to save the franchise, All the Buffalo fan’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas. It was like the Bills were going to be an AFC contender right away. Wrong! 

Marv had opportunities to meet with good future coaches, fresh blood, and of course he goes with a guy who had a losing record on his resume, but being old friends was the kiss of death. If the coaching selection doesn’t get your blood boiling, how about some of Marv’s player selections.

Marv used his first draft choice on Donte Whitner. And the thing that bothered me was he continued to draft these insufficient players that he described as “Character guys.”  He fell in love with Trent Edwards and believed that a guy who went one and ten in his final college season was the answer.

The truth is Marv is a joke and the only reason he went on to four Super Bowls, which he got out coached in every one of them, was because of Bill Polian, the GM of the Indianapolis Colts who has twelve seasons of eleven or more victories. Yet people in Buffalo hold the guy up like he’s a god.

I remember Marv was on WGR 550 this year and he was asked about Trent Edwards. Now I know Marv is over eighty years old, but he defended Edwards and said that Peyton Manning struggled his first year. Well Marv, Trent Edwards is not a rookie, he has been in the league for 3 years. Manning was 13-3 his 2nd year, followed by 10-6. 
It’s an absolute joke how Buffalo fans can support a team like this year in and year out. The sad thing is Marv talks about how his players have to be good stand up guys. What do we get? Whitner, his natural born leader is being tazered outside of night clubs, Ko Simpson is arrested, Marshawn Lynch another first round pick, arrested two times and suspended. I mean seriously, Levy screwed this up.

And the sad thing is he’s the one who loves Dick Jauron. And I cant take it! This team needs to be rehabilitated! They should be taken away from the NFL. Because as long as the franchise is run by idiots, they will not compete in this league. How can a team compete against the Colts, Patriots, and Steelers. It will not happen.

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