The "Joe Cada brings hope to Metro Detroit" story

The "Joe Cada brings hope to Metro Detroit" story

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The "Joe Cada brings hope to Metro Detroit" story



Just when you may have thought the sports in Michigan were all spiraling downward (or the Lions staying put), the only thing in the state that could take minds off the putrid hell hole that is Michigan, something great comes and springs hope.  The kind of heart wrenching story that make some believe windows will miraculously appear in place of all those boarded up houses downtown, homes will be given to the homeless, employment to the unemployed, Eminem will make a poem, pot holes vanish, and we’ll see a sharp spike in the economy.

Joe Cada, a 21-year old Michigander, wins the World Series of Poker.

With an entourage of over 100 people, all wearing maize’n’blue  University of Michigan gear, Cada defeated Darvin Moon to take home the $8.5 million purse in Las Vegas.  It was aired on ESPN last night.

For at least a day, the city of Detroit can celebrate and keep their minds off the economic downturn, and the Wolverines fans can forget all about that retiring AD who may or may not have been too rough with a couple overly sensitive students who didn’t know who the hell he was. What’s his name again?

There is hope in Detroit — thanks to Joe, the Spartans run in last year’s NCAA tournament, the Red Wings appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals, and the Detroit Tigers push for a playoff spot.  What’s next?

//end of sarcasm. (If you’re not following, this is a post I’d expect to see in similar theme elsewhere, but I went ahead and got it out of the way to save some time for you creepily-obsessed Michigan haters, who constantly think anything good that happens in the state is worthy of a “this is a great distraction and making citizens hopeful” column).

In all seriousness, great job, Joe.



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