Is Sheed Gonna Step On Dwight's Feet?

Is Sheed Gonna Step On Dwight's Feet?

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Is Sheed Gonna Step On Dwight's Feet?


Sure sounds like it when you read Mike Petraglia's latest piece on WEEI.

Rasheed Wallace makes no bones about his game plan heading into tonight’s match-up with Dwight Howard the defending Eastern Conference champion Orlando Magic.

Don’t let Superman take off.

“Step on his launch pad,” Wallace said of his strategy. “He’s a big fella, he can jump. If you step on his launch pad before he can take off and make it a hard shot for him, it’s a 50-50 chance. He going to come with the hook and little jumper, just take that 50-50 chance.”

But just because he wants to make life miserable on Howard’s big feet, don’t get the impression he doesn’t try and help Howard when the two aren’t combatants in the low post.

That would be a shame if he "accidentally" stepped on Howard's feet. 

It's hard to tell if Sheed is kidding or not.  We can find out together when we're all watching in our live blog.  It starts at 8pm over on TruFan.

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