Kravitz on DeVan

Kravitz on DeVan


Kravitz on DeVan


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And yet, here he was Sunday night, playing on football’s biggest regular-season stage, getting his second straight start after unseating incumbent Mike Pollak, and he was in the middle of the Colts’ epic comeback against the New England Patriots.

“Two weeks ago, they told me I’d be starting against Houston. I called my agent and my mom and dad, and they all told me, ‘Remember where you were six months ago and never be satisfied,’ ” DeVan said.

“A lot of guys in this profession have never seen the other side of this business. So I want to keep getting better and earning the trust of my teammates.”

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I say a lot of stuff out here that ends up being wrong, but I am rarely called out for it. It’s a nice break from real life, in that (…)

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