Simmons on the Belichick Call

Simmons on the Belichick Call


Simmons on the Belichick Call


He’s so wrong it’s not even funny.

For one, it’s not a 2 point conversion, so throw those numbers out.  Two point conversion plays are limited because there isn’t much space to defend deep.  Not so in this instance.  Those stats aren’t relevant, and besides they are NFL averages not tailored to the Pats.

The “disrespecting the defense” thing is nonsense.  Nothing could be less relevant.  Respect is earned.  The Pats D hasn’t earned it.  It’s not given.

His rebuttal to the “Manning would have scored anyway” argument is painfully weak.  How many times a team completed three scoring drives?  Irrelevant.  Two had already occured.  Manning was being asked to complete ONE scoring drive.  His argument about the Colts 4th quarter production hangs on the Collie call being dubious, which it wasn’t.

He’s just grasping at straws.  It’s a nonsensical rant.

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