This Squawker steps into the "Twilight Zone"

This Squawker steps into the "Twilight Zone"

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This Squawker steps into the "Twilight Zone"


Heads up – I recently started up another blog, Swan Squawking, as a place for all my non-sports-related musings. Coming soon – my thoughts on the new TV show “Glee,” which I just started watching.

You also may remember that Squawker Jon and I are big fans of “The Twilight Zone” and Jon has made “Twilight Zone”-related comparisons this year about Derek Jeter and the Mets’ season. So in honor of the show’s 50th anniversary, I wrote something for my own amusement about my favorite overlooked episodes.

Everybody remembers “To Serve Man” or “It’s a Good Life.” Those are two of my favorites, as are “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?,” and “A Stop at Willoughby.” But there are also many very good episodes which aren’t as well-remembered, but are still worth watching. Check out To serve readers: Ten forgotten “Twilight Zone” episodes you need to see.You can watch some of these episodes online at

Squawker-related note – my late father and show creator Rod Serling both were World War II paratroopers in the 11th Airborne, 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment, in the South Pacific. But they were in separate companies, so they never met.

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