Whitlock still loves the Ravens

Whitlock still loves the Ravens


Whitlock still loves the Ravens


We link up Whitlock because:

1.  He amuses me.

2.  He’s from Indy

3.  He’s loves the Pacers.

4.  He loves Jeff George and once upon a time, so did we.

There is so much wrong with his piece today, it’s insane.  The comments about MJD taking a knee are beyond insane.

5. I’m almost willing to guarantee right now that neither the Colts nor the Saints will play in the Super Bowl. They’re on borrowed time.

Ignoring current records, here are the top teams:

1. Vikings: Brett Favre should be the league’s MVP, and Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen will deliver Favre to the Super Bowl.
2. Bengals: Swept the Steelers and the Ravens. What more can a team do to prove their Super Bowl worthiness?
3. Patriots: Indy embarrassment is probably exactly what Belichick and the Patriots need to regain their focus.
4. Eagles: Philly will back into the playoffs, advance to the NFC Championship and then it all just depends on whether Andy Reid screws it up with bad strategy.
5. Saints: Mark it down, New Orleans is going to lose three of four during their Patriots-Redskins-Falcons-Cowboys stretch.
6. Steelers: Never count out Big Ben in the playoffs. His ability to stay alive in the pocket keeps Pittsburgh in games.
7. Colts: The wheels come off this week in Baltimore.
8. Ravens: I haven’t given up on Ray-ven Lewis. As DeAngelo told us in season 1, da king stay da king.

No other team has a shot at winning the Super Bowl.


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