Brewers' non-tender decisions loom

Brewers' non-tender decisions loom


Brewers' non-tender decisions loom


The Brewers have 9 players currently on their 40-man roster that are arbitration eligible. With the addition of Lofgren, the Brewers’ roster sits at 39; with Randy Wolf and LaTroy Hawkins, the Crew needs to get rid of at least one player…but that does not need to be from the arbitration list.

Still, offering arbitration means committing dollars and a roster spot. Here are my thoughts on the 9 players, in alphabetical order:

Dave Bush–a 30 year-old that had a 6.38 ERA last year–the worst among the top 5 starters of the worst staff in the league. Bush would make at least $4 million. No way Melvin should tender him a contract.

Todd Coffey–reliable and affordable at around $1.75 million.

Jody Gerut–due about $2.25 million…for a back-up. Should be dumped.

Carlos Gomez–worth the $1.5 million or so.

Corey Hart–due about $4 million. Still worth it for now.

Seth McClung–29 years old next year, due about $2.5 million; reports say he’s a goner, but he should be kept over Bush and Villanueva.

Mike Rivera–due to make $1 million. Will play more in ’10 than Gerut. Keep him.

Carlos Villanueva–was 4-10, 5.34. Last year was his third consecutive year that his ERA went up. Not worth the $1.25 million he’d get.

Rickie Weeks–will be a bargain at around $2.75 million.

Let’s hope Doug Melvin makes the right decisions using the numbers and doesn’t play favorites again as Bush and Villanueva seem to keep getting chances and just don’t produce.

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