Devils Week 10 Up and Downs

Devils Week 10 Up and Downs


Devils Week 10 Up and Downs


M. Brodeur – Thought he played OK against the Wings, played outstanding against Buffalo and made some big saves against Carolina to keep them from tying the game.

R. Pelley – He’s been part of a much improved 4th line, which I give most of the credit to his linemates. He doesn’t score but he’s generating some shots. He’s not great but he’s not bad (notice the new color).
T. Zajac – Had an up and down week from me. He got a few points, his faceoff wins were good against buffalo but less than 50% in the others.
P. Elias – Like Zajac he was good in a couple games, not a factor in the others although when he lined up to take the shootout agasint the Wings, the entire arena knew the game was about to be done.
Z. Parise – Played the role of assist man this week but as per usual, he gets the job done. See that shooutout goal agasint the Wings, I think he took Osgood’s jock in the process!!
N. Bergfors – 2 goals and an assist, evertyhing is just about going this kids way. Sadly for Sweden, he was deemed ineligable for the Olympics this week.
M. Halischuk – Played vs TB, scratched the rest of the way.
J. Langenbrunner – Jamie just keeps racking up the assists.
B. Rolston – Starting to feel like he’s getting a point in every other game, so he’s due tonight? D. McAmmond – I love what this guy is bringing. Yea, he’s not putting up points but sometimes you can overlook that if the intangeables are being done correctly.
R. Niedermayer – 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 magnificent screen.
J. Pandolfo – a couple of assists, can I really ask for anything more?
I Pikkarainen – Still gets my vote as weakest member on his line.
V. Zharkov – has been a pleasent surprise. Points are points and if you do that, you get no complaints from me. (see Rolston’s rating this week!)

M. Fraser – Gotta block shots better. Anytime the go off your stick, off your leg and in your own net, you’re not getting huge props from me.
A. Greene – By far the most productive d-man on the team.
M. Mottau – Does the little things right and rang one off the post against the canes.
B. Salvador – He’s banging some bodies which is good..right?
C. White – I don’t know about Colin…he’s our for another few years but there are times I forget he’s even out there.
J. Oduya – First game back he gets a goal and then back to his ways.
M. Corrente – Plays a little bit but sure is a scrappy little guy.

Individually, there aren’t a lot of guys that stand out to me this week but it was more team efforts that got it done.

Player of the week – (Tie) Marty for the milestone and Andy Greene for an awesome game against the Hurricanes.

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