Injury Bug Hits Phoenix

Injury Bug Hits Phoenix

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Injury Bug Hits Phoenix


So first Scottie tears his ACL and will require surgery. Now? Lang is out with the infamous “undisclosed” injury. There is no word on how long Lang will be out. This injury is why he missed the Stars game on Sunday. Will he back for the game against Nashville tomorrow? That is unlikely my friends. Is he out for a long time? Are we surprised Lang lasted this long without injury?

If both Lang and Scottie are out for awhile, does Don Maloney bring anyone else in? Do we stick with Mueller and Boedker? With the big Brian Burke trades this weekend, will we see more of that kind before the freeze? Will GMDM get involved? Will we hve a new addition to our team? Who would we give up? Who would we get? Oi, so many questions. I hate when the trade deadline draws near (and the freeze this year thanks to the Olympics). It’s so strenuous. Will I wake up to the same Coyotes team or will someone I love be gone in an instant?

So many questions, not enough answers!

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