Why Vick or Tebow to the Bills would work..for the fans

Why Vick or Tebow to the Bills would work..for the fans

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Why Vick or Tebow to the Bills would work..for the fans


I’ve made my stance clear on Mike Vick or Tim Tebow coming to the Bills. I’m not a fan of either one playing here. I’d rather have my quarterbacks be pocket passers than merely just runners. But here’s the bottom line: I think one of the two quarterbacks will be coming to Buffalo.

The Bills are all about selling hope and gimmicks. From Marv Levy as your GM to T.O. in Toronto, the organization will sit in a room with their six scouts and 30 marketing suits, and try to figure a way to sell out the stadium and morale to the fan base.

Of course, it takes two to tango and Bills fans are always quick to embrace any NFL player who gets more airtime on ESPN. You can ask any Bills fan, even if they liked or hated Terrell Owens, that they loved all the coverage that Terrell Owens coming to Buffalo received. Hell, I don’t think we will ever see Dick Jauron, Lee Evans and Trent Edwards on ESPN ever again. When was the last time the USA Today ran an article about a Bills player?

Every fan, including myself, spoke about how the team was becoming relevant again. Get your T.O.’s cereal or popcorn ready. Lets greet T.O. at the airport and have viewing parties of his god awful reality show. Of course, it all came crashing down to earth when the Bills stepped on the field, but that’s besides the point. The Bills motto is get them in the door before they actually see us play a game.

Flash forward to present day, and the Bills are in the same position they were at this time last year. No hope, No morale, just YouTubing old Bills highlights from the 90’s. Of course, with the fan base feeling so low, why wouldn’t the Bills try and cash in on one of their get rich quick schemes? Which brings me to Tebow and Vick. You could make the case that the hora of Tebow or Vick coming to Buffalo could do the same thing as what T.O. did for the Bills.

You got Tebow, whose a leader and a guy who fans can relate to with his blue-collar (ugh) work ethic. Being a two-time national champion quarterback doesn’t hurt either. He was ESPN’s poster boy for College football for the last three years, so he’s a pretty relevant player. Hell, if Tebow came to Buffalo, some Bills fans would probably convert to being born again virgins.

I’m sure Bills fans, who want to believe in Tebow, will flaunt Tom Brady being a 6th round pick as evidence that Tebow could work. But Tom Brady didn’t come into the Patriots being touted as a savior. When the Bills anointed Owens, they decided to jettison their pro bowl left tackle and keep Keith Ellison as their starting linebacker, which didn’t do the team any favors. Plus, Brady was a more polished quarterback, while Tebow needs tons of work and development.

As for Vick, I’ve said it before, he’s one of the most overrated quarterbacks in NFL history. Don’t give me Vick’s win/loss record. The guy was successful in Atlanta for the first couple years of his career, mainly because he was quarterback ahead of his time. Once teams caught up to his style, Atlanta didn’t make the playoffs for the last two years of Vick’s tenure.

I would probably pick Vick as the odds on favorite for landing in Buffalo over Tebow, because he can play right away. Heck, Vick would be a better pick-up for the Bills than T.O because he won’t cost anywhere near the 6.5 million dollars that Owens received.

The T.O. signing was unconventional for the Bills, and now it’s the time for the Bills to become conventional. Enough of putting all of their eggs in one basket. They need help everywhere. If you think Vick or Tebow are all-world players, well then let your “hope” play games with your mind. But don’t think that either of these guys can carry the franchise without the Bills making whole sale changes to the roster.

I’m just warning fans, who would love for either of these players to come here, that it shouldn’t stop you for wanting the Bills to do more. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that just Vick or Tebow would bring the Bills back to the playoffs. Even though I wouldn’t exactly be thrilled with bringing in either guy, I would be downright pissed off if that was the only substantial move the team made. But then again, it worked for Bills fans last year when they just signed Owens.

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