PJD’s Humpday Linkstasy – Big Fishin’

PJD’s Humpday Linkstasy – Big Fishin’


PJD’s Humpday Linkstasy – Big Fishin’


We’re continuing a weekly feature where we fill space by bringing you the best and greatest links from around the interwebs in the last week. Some may have to do with Vikings football. Most probably won’t, though. And at the end, we’ll send you off with our song of the day. Hopefully, this will be a good tool to get you through the after shock of watching the team the Vikings almost beat win the entire damn thing. Sonofabitch …

Any tips, links, laughs, videos, suggestions, Twitter feeds, spring plans, Vikings related or otherwise, that you want to see here send to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com or leave a message in the comments. Totally awesome links after the jump …

Pro Football Talk: Now that football season is officially over and a new and totally unimpressive Super Bowl champ has been crowned in the New Orleans Saints, plans for 2010 are already taking shape. Today, PFT is already speculating on what will be the first game of next season. In recent years it has featured the Super Bowl champs against a rival opponent from the previous season, and as I speculated, like, WEEKS ago, everyone seems to think that the Vikings are a likely candidate to open the season as well. Good. Let’s crush their fucking souls early.

Miami Herald: Dan Le Batard (Batarded?) went out with McKinnie during the Pro Bowl week one night and recounted his crazy evening. Quite honestly, I haven’t bothered to read the whole thing because I already know McKinnie is a jack hole and so I don’t really care what he was doing out at 3:00 AM in the morning, I just know that it was probably the wrong thing to do. Also, in just skimming you find words like “Lil Kim”, “P. Diddy” and “sexy and violent”, which surprisingly doesn’t turn me on. To the article, I mean. Read it if you want though.

Fox Sports North: Did you watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? Really, you did? That’s amazing coincidence, as I also did and for the life of me couldn’t remember the “new Twins commercial” that aired during the game, but Fox Sports North has the video for you to watch if you’re as addle brained as I am. It’s pretty good. I like that they’re bringing back the Twins and the old style uniforms and scripts. Shit looks solid, even if the team is kind of annoying.

Gatorade commercial with Percy Harvin: Uh … Percy Harvin Twittered about it, but … I can just post the video too, I guess. He’s only in it briefly, but it’s close to the end so he really lingers in your memory afterwards, like the last girl you saw at the gym in lycra. Mmmmm ….


Pioneer Press: If I tell you right away that Charley Walters wrote this article will it turn you away? Ok, ok … it wasn’t him, it was … uh, Sean Jensen or someone else. Whatever. Regardless, the Press looks at why it’s important for The Land Baron to tell the Vikings whether or not he’s coming back to the Vikings early this offseason or not. I don’t think he will, to be honest with you, and really don’t care if he does. I mean, if he does we won’t be winning a Super Bowl anyway, so it’s just more false hope. No thanks.

Sports Untapped: Some guy writes about 10 things he didn’t hate about the Super Bowl this year. I’m hesitant to link to this article because with these Sports Untapped things you can never see who the author is or who the voice really belongs to, even though the title of the article clearly states “10 things I ….” Which would lead you to believe someone wrote it. Maybe a ghost? ZOMG!

Gay Busey’s fake Twitter: Nothing to do with anything, but Gary Busey’s fake Twitter account posted this gem this week:

Gary Busey is just an anagram for “Gay rub? YES!”

Holy buskets that’s a winner.

And here’s your song of the day!

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