Lowrie Looks Like the Odd Man Out

Lowrie Looks Like the Odd Man Out

Red Sox

Lowrie Looks Like the Odd Man Out


jed lowrie

The Red Sox have Beltre and Lowell at third and Scutaro and Bill Hall at short.  Where does Lowrie fit in?  Boston will likely try to trade Lowell this season, but no team is going to take him until they see how he responds to the thumb surgery and how his hip is holding up. Lowell and Hall will likely get more playing time this spring over Lowrie. When the season starts Lowrie could be headed to AAA. If Iglesias develops quickly Lowrie may not see much of a future in Boston. Mike Lowell today said that people should not feel sorry for him; he will end up playing somewhere in the majors this season. Jed Lowrie is the guy you should feel sorry for.

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