Thomas M. Cooley Law School Stadium. Home of Your Lansing Lugnuts

Thomas M. Cooley Law School Stadium. Home of Your Lansing Lugnuts

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Thomas M. Cooley Law School Stadium. Home of Your Lansing Lugnuts



File this under ‘news you don’t hear … ever’?  Thomas M. Cooley Law School, the largest law school in the nation, based in Lansing, has bought the naming rights for the Lansing Lugnuts’ stadium.

The baseball park will be renamed Thomas M. Cooley Law School Stadium in time for the Lugnuts’ season opener in April, said James Butler, a member of Cooley’s board of directors and the board of commissioners for the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority, which runs the ballpark. {…]

[…] Cooley’s contract will last at least 10 years, Butler said. He did not know how much the contract is worth.

“We thought it was a good opportunity for us, in reference to being very much a part of the community, and also it would be very good for attraction of new students,” Butler said.

This is the most bizarre news I’ve heard, mainly because it sounds absolutely ridiculous to have a stadium named Thomas M. Cooley Law School Stadium.  The PA announcer is probably packing his things because he refuses to sound like an idiot saying that name on a nightly basis.  And can you imagine how the Lugnuts’ players feel about this?  Insert countless law school jokes here.

I guess Cooley Stadium doesn’t sound so bad, if they eventually go with that in referencing the stadium, but the full name will undoubtedly be on the outside and within all advertisements for the stadium — absurd.  How much more name recognition does the biggest law school in the country really need?

And the last thing the law students need is worrying about showing up at a baseball stadium when they’re trying to find their Constitutional Law classroom or the library.

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