Your Morning Dump... Where Doc finally hints at change

Your Morning Dump... Where Doc finally hints at change

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Your Morning Dump... Where Doc finally hints at change



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“We’ve been reluctant to make many changes with our rotations and stuff
like that,” he said after last night’s 111-91 loss to Memphis. “Maybe
we have to think about that. Maybe not, but we have to think about it,
because right now we’re just sketchy. We’re not playing consistent.”
Yeah, but, you know, I’m slow to change,” he said. “I think consistency
is better, but I think at times you do have to think about it. I’m not
a big believer in change for change. If it’s not going to be a long
change, I think that’s a waste of time personally.”

Herald – Frustrated Doc Mulls Changes

repeatedly hear Mike Gorman say the Celtics are allowing teams to shoot
a ridiculously high percentage in the first quarter. To combat this,
Doc needs to start games with his best defensive unit. Throw Marquis
Daniels or Tony Allen into the starting five and bench Paul Pierce. 

wise, Pierce is having one of his best shooting seasons. But something
is missing. The fire, defensive intensity we saw the past two seasons
is gone.

also bench Perk for Sheed. Wallace has slightly improved his play as of
late, but this move is more about sending a message to Perkins. He
needs to wake up and start rebounding.

The old adage – it doesn't matter who starts games, it matters who finishes them – doesn't apply to the 2010 Celtics.

On Page 2, 'Sheed maintains his optimism.

“I think we can do some real big
things here, going into these playoffs. It’s a matter of us coming
together and going out and getting wins.

think we step up more in big games. But teams where they’re struggling,
or they’re not making the playoffs, sometimes we have the tendency to
disrespect them a little bit. But we can’t do that too much because
they’re in the NBA and they’re some of the elite athletes in the world.

team has been there, no matter where we’re coming from — Mike [Finley]
from San Antonio, me from Detroit. The guys here have won it already.
Once the big-boy shots come we’ll be ready.’’

Globe – Wallace Still Upbeat

Do the Celtics really "step up" in big games? They are:

  • 0-4 vs Atlanta
  • 1-1 vs Cleveland
  • 0-1 vs Dallas
  • 0-1 vs Denver
  • 1-1 vs Lakers
  • 1-3 vs Orlando

3-and-11 vs the top six teams in the NBA? That's stepping it up?

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