Milbury Now a Fan of Ovechkin's "Eurotrash" Game... or Something

Milbury Now a Fan of Ovechkin's "Eurotrash" Game... or Something

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Milbury Now a Fan of Ovechkin's "Eurotrash" Game... or Something


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Far be it from any of us to understand the complex workings and goings on in the mind of Mike Milbury, but apparently, he’s now supportive of Alex Ovechkin and his (debatable) dirty hit on Brian Campbell. It was label a major and game misconduct by the on-ice officials, which is a fastball down the middle for someone who has been very critical of AO in the past. If you remember, during the Olympics Milbury said the Russians — of which AO is — brought their “eurotrash” game. That, being the most recent example of Milbury’s playa hatin’.

So maybe this is all an elaborate ruse. Maybe, knowing that we would all yawn and ignore him if he criticized AO since we’ve come to expect it so much, Milbury pulled a reversal on us and didn’t criticize because he knew that would be so unexpected, out-of-left-field and newsworthy that we would blog about it. Maybe, just maybe, I fell for his elaborate ruse. For a guy who tried to make the show all about him when he was GM of the Islanders, I wouldn’t put it past him. It’s the saying; “I may be dumb but I’m not stupid.”

Milbury’s dumb as a rock, but maybe he’s not as stupid as we think.

And then again, every idiot has a good idea once in a while.

Here’s the video. Shield your eyes.



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