3rd Sabres jersey?

3rd Sabres jersey?

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3rd Sabres jersey?


Look, I hate having debates on uniforms. Even as awful looking as the slug jerseys are, I thought the idea of having on-line petitions to get rid of those uniforms was a little over the top for my taste. I just think that there are bigger fish to fry in sports than fashion apparel.

However, I do think, in a twisted logical sense, that the Sabres decided to use the Banana slug logo just so they could remake their uniforms four years later and make an even greater jersey sales impact. I mean, the slug uniforms had what? Five Sabre players in the top 10 for NHL jersey sales (2006/2007).

Now on a fashion sense, I have to give the thumbs up for the possible new third jersey. Hopefully, this will make all you so-called fashion experts happy… as I’m sure it will make Quinn and Golisano even more happier in sales. What do you think?

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