Purple Jesus and the Pope

Purple Jesus and the Pope


Purple Jesus and the Pope


In the second round of the NFL’s 2010 draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected Casper, the White Ghost, former Stanford running back. What’s noticeable about him, you say? Well, he almost won the Heisman trophy last year. That’s something. He also has a fat head that would work amazingly for a Fat Head, but also unfortunately makes him look a bit like Pey Pey Manning. And no one really wants that.

But most significantly is the fact that this burly albino boar of a man has now joined the one and only Purple Jesus, savior of all men and namesake of this amazing poorly written blog, in the Minnesota Vikings backfield. And that is simply fantastic. But acknowledging it this fact is not enough. No, we need to play the ultimate douche Entourage card and attempt to make up a stellar nickname for this backfield duo. Many have already tried, and many more will try into the future, but for now, we need to pool our collective efforts together and find a great namesake for our two running toys.

You’ve seen my first poorly made suggestion in the title. I’ve posted more that I’ve seen around the webz after the jump. If you see one you’ve already came up with and want to stake claim, do so in the comments, or feel free to add your own ideas as well. LET’S MEME THIS SHIT!

– Purple Jesus and the Pope

– Bruiser and the Beast

– Ebony and Ivory

– Salt and Pepper

– Fumblin and Rumblin

Thunder and Whitning

– All Day and All White

– Tyler Perry’s “Why did we draft another running back?”

– Black Face and the Mime

– Real Jesus and Christian Jesus

– JFK and the Combo Breaker

– Chicken and Turkey

– Lethal Weapons

– Bang Bros

– All Day and All Hart

– Super Smash Bros

– Purple Jesus and the Albino Rhino

– Two Tone Travelers

– AP&T

– Black and White Delight

– Nightlight Suckas!

– Waxing and Whaning

– Steak and Egg Whites

– Dark Side of the Moon

– Robert Downey Jr.’s Team White Face

– Bradgelina and their adopted African Child

– French and Indian War Bangers

– Chewbacca and Han Solo

– Prince and the Pauper

– Dr. Dre and Eminem

– Karl Malone and John Stockton

– 12 and 6 Inches

– Mr. Myagi and Daniel-san

– Buddy Cops

– Waynes Bro and the Token White Guy

– Black Guy and the White Dude

– Two Wonderfully Talented Running Backs who will do Equally Swell Regardless of Ethnic Identifiers

Your funnier ideas in the comments.

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