Your Morning Dump... Where the rest is gonna be nice

Your Morning Dump... Where the rest is gonna be nice

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Your Morning Dump... Where the rest is gonna be nice


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"I don’t know what this feels like," admitted Rivers. "I’m not used
to this. I just know it’s nice to get a day off tomorrow, because we
need one… But it is nice to take care of business and that was great.
Only I was a little disappointed in us [letting a 21-point lead slip to
three at] the end of the third and fourth [quarters], because I thought
it was our focus. We can’t do that. It’s very dangerous. We got away
with it tonight."

“It feels good that we were finally able to close out a team earlier,"
said Pierce. "We wish we could have done it in four, but maybe we needed
a little bump in the road to kind of wake us up. [Now the Celtics] get a
couple days of rest before we move on to the next round, so I am glad
with the way we played throughout the series. I thought we really saw
the sense of urgency throughout the whole series and I am happy with the

ESPN Boston: Postgame Notes: Now what?

I don't want to get nit-picky here, but I'm not exactly thrilled with Pierce's comment that they needed a bump in the road to wake them up.  

But whatever… I'd rather that be the case when they're up 3-0 than at some other time.  And maybe this is just the haunting memories of the regular season getting into my head… so I'm just going to move on.

The Celtics losing game 4 might actually be a good thing because with the second round starting Saturday, three days off is just enough, but 5 days off might be a smidge too much.  It's the difference between rested and rusty.

Maybe rusty isn't the best word for it, but I'm tired and don't feel like thinking very hard.  The bottom line is 3 days might be just enough for the Celtics to feel healthy without coming out on Saturday and being OVERLY eager.  The last thing we need is the C's back-rimming everything because they're too juiced and then they fall behind early.

Besides… I have no goddam idea how we would have filled this site during 5 off days.

On Page 2… LeBron's mystery injury

That's LeBron shooting his last free throw of last night's game left handed because his right elbow, apparently, randomly, got numb.  Here's LeBron, via, explaining they mysterious elbow problem.

My question is… did he REALLY need to shoot that last free throw lefty?  I get this odd feeling that he's just being dramatic.  I'm not putting any stock in that elbow injury story.  I expect him to be 100%. 

I wonder how busy local ER's got when LeBron put up that lefty shot and left holding his elbow?  Either that, or there was a huge run on Pepto immediately after the game.

I'll bring up something that was brought up in the post game comments: 

Charles Barkley said he'd bet everything he has on Cleveland.

And now I'll repeat the same joke people made in the post game comments:

Given Chuck's gambling history… how do you feel about that, Cleveland?

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