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Seems yesterday many people took offense to my reference to morons on site. That is my opinion, one I held when I was running Bucem as well, that has not changed. I was just as open with that opinion on Bucem as I am on here. I feel if you think the Glazers are cheap, think the problem with the Bucs is its coaching staff, and are the kind of person that is openly critical about everything the Bucs do, that you are a moron, no matter what site you happen to read or comment on. However I realize I was wrong to single out, and I have left an apology on their site. I dont have 2000 users a day on this site because I dont cater to the “know it alls” who were not even Bucs fans when Tampa Bay won a Superbowl, much less being around for Tony Dungy to rebuild the team. Ive said repeatedly that it does not matter how long you have been a Bucs fan, we are all equal. What does matter is how you support the Bucs, its players, and coaches, when the team is in a losing pattern like it is now. This site is not oriented around comments, yet the comment box cannot be removed. Nor do I feel the need to, I have no problem with someone leaving their thoughts on something, but this is not a free speach site, and any comment that takes away from the content will be removed immediately. Im simply saying, if your here, on, you didnt come to read what a commenter has to say. You came to read what I have to say, and to check out Bucs video clips from ALL eras. So for the final time, if you were offended yesterday, I apologize to you. I apologized to the site in general, but that post was bombed with comments, so I removed it. I have nothing against Craig or BucWild, I know they are not negative in general. My comments were directed to the type of people who I think are morons. Wether you go to Bucem,,, Pewter Report, and leave your comments there, its no matter. I feel you are a moron, and that is my right to feel that way. Bucs fans who wear the Pewter, Red, and Orange colored glasses like I do, understand….and thank you for your email support. Niko

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