Game 33: Reds 9 Pirates 0

Game 33: Reds 9 Pirates 0


Game 33: Reds 9 Pirates 0


My pre-game wish to make Johnny Cueto throw a lot of pitches was only partially filled. He did throw 102 pitches, but those were over nine innings in which he only allowed a Ronny Cedeno single and one HBP (also Cedeno). That’s not good.

The semi-bright side is that Charlie Morton managed to not sink back into the ocean in allowing three runs on seven hits in six innings. He wasn’t nearly as good as he was against the Cubs, though. He struck out four but walked two and gave up more flyouts than groundouts. Maybe it’s a good sign that he didn’t give up a million runs even though he didn’t have his best stuff.

Final sidenote: both Brian Burres and Jeff Karstens pitched in relief tonight, but presumably that’s because Ross Ohlendorf was just kind of inserted into the rotation when he was ready to come back, and not in Jeff Karsten’s actual rotation slot. That means they can skip someone this time around and it would make sense for that someone to be Burres, so getting him work in a blowout makes some sense, I suppose.

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