More 1st/2nd round Data

More 1st/2nd round Data


More 1st/2nd round Data


EDITOR’S NOTE:   As a follow up to Monday’s “Profile of a Colt“, reader Allen Yousif has compiled data on all the Colts’ first and second round picks under Polian.  Allen did a ton of work to go back and find measurables from some of the older players.  Enjoy.  By the way, I’m always willing to post good work and research by readers.  Just drop me a line if you have something you’d like everyone to see.

Picks & Analysis by Allen Yousif

1998 1.01. Peyton Manning (SEC/ Tennessee) 6-5 1/4, 230, 4.9
Desperately needed a quarterback after trading Jim Harbaugh (35) to the Baltimore Ravens for two draft picks. Chose Manning over Ryan Leaf (Pac-10/ Washington State).

1998 2.32. WR Jerome Pathon (Pac-10/ Washington) 6-0, 187, 4.45
Desperately needed a second wide receiver opposite Marvin Harrison. Pathon started 15 games as a rookie, although it was one-year fill-in veteran Torrence Small who contributed the most with what was the best season (45-681-15.1-7) of his workman career. Playing with a rookie Peyton Manning, mind you.

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