Bullitt V Sanders

Bullitt V Sanders


Bullitt V Sanders


If healthy, Bob destroys him

Some fans, have become so frustrated with Sanders to this point that they actually believe that Bullitt should remain the starter, even if Sanders is healthy and ready to go.  I believe that is an absurd idea, as there is no comparison between Sanders and Bullitt in pure ability: Sanders is hands down a superior player and has a greater impact on the defense than Bullitt and it is not even close.  I do understand what the opinion is born out of though, and so I see this as one of the most significant battles for the Colts in 2010.

Bob Sanders needs to get healthy, stay healthy, take over his starting role in the defense, and get back to his defensive player of the year form if he hopes to have a future in the NFL.  Likewise, though, Bullitt now more than ever cannot afford to suffer any injury or drop-off in production.  Bullitt is playing for the contract of his career against possibly the best safety in the NFL, when healthy.

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