Ankle Surgery: When it Actually Proves Nothing

Ankle Surgery: When it Actually Proves Nothing


Ankle Surgery: When it Actually Proves Nothing


You’ll have to excuse me if this has been covered ad nausem  over the past week or so, but I was out having an awesome time not following the Brett Favre self masturbatory cycle. As per my delayed understanding though, it appears that Brett Favre has had ankle surgery recently which totally proves that he’s coming back to the Vikings in 2010 but he’s still just playing coy because he doesn’t want to go to OTAs and training camp and the Vikings are totally going to win the Super Bowl this year because yes yes yes we have Brett Favre coming back?

So … is it possible he just had the ankle surgery because it fucking hurts?

Of course, that’s a silly thing to believe. We all know that Brett Favre hates surgery (but loves pain pills? Wat?) so he would never voluntarily opt for surgery unless it was absolutely necessary. THEREFOAH, it must mean that Favre is coming back to play one more year!

Listen, dick cheeses, I think Favre is coming back another year anyway. I know for some people this inexplicably confirms his return, but did you all just honestly spend almost two weeks talking about this guy’s ankle surgery as some type of tome indicating his star aligned return? Did anyone ever think that, hey he is fucking old, and maybe he just wants to have surgery now that he’s almost dead to try and live the rest of life in some type of relative comfort? How does surgery, that he probably just should have had period if he wanted to walk without club foot for the rest of his life, LOCK THAT SHIT DOWN that he’s coming back in 2010?

Damn, this is why I hate the NFL offseason around June-July. All we have to talk about is Brett Favre, and you know how much I want to skull rape people when we do this. Point being, this ankle shit means nothing so shut up already. We’re still not going to win the Super Bowl, ok?

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