Bish confirms our suspicions.....

Bish confirms our suspicions.....


Bish confirms our suspicions.....


John Bishop (Bish) held another chat today on the Bruins official site. Bish is a great guy. Very interactive with the fans. Always enjoy his chats. But we had heard rumors that Johnny Boychuk had been arrested and charged with destroying souls. Tyler Ennis was said to be a key witness. So, we went to the source….. we asked Bish…..

Oh that Boychuk!

There you have it. Bish’s “no comment” basically confirms the rumor. Boychuk is answering for his soul crushing ways. We think this is wrong, but that’s the law. We expect the charges to be dropped when Boychuk threatens the judge. Although Toronto has apparently sent in the following video evidence:


In other news, NESN asks the question Is Bill Russell or Bobby Orr Boston’s Biggest Sports Legend?

Please do the right thing and vote for Bobby. A vote for Mr. Orr is a vote for freedom! Or something. Just go vote for Orr please. We jacked this picture from Hockey Blog Adventure’s Twitter. Great picture. Poor Stuart. Unless he was TRYING to eat the puck. Then good for him.


And finally, just when you think Daniel Carcillo can’t be any dumber… he nails his teammate and lover of Hartnell’s wife, Jeff Carter. Fantastic. Go Blackhawks.

Wow that was dumb.

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