Updated: Tyreke Evans Cited For Reckless Driving; Commence Overreacting

Updated: Tyreke Evans Cited For Reckless Driving; Commence Overreacting

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Updated: Tyreke Evans Cited For Reckless Driving; Commence Overreacting


Updates Galore! Been out most of the day and couldn’t update until now.

UPDATE #1: It was actually 130 mph not 100 mph. Yes, that’s twice the speed limit. I still stand by what I said below. I think it will be handled in the court system and handled well. Tyreke and his family are embarrassed enough by the situation. Some will still overreact to the situation and call for something harsher than there needs to be. Nobody got hurt (luckily) and Tyreke is being handled by the law on this. Let’s move on.

Tyreke apologized to fans over Twitter.

Doc Evans, one of Tyreke’s brothers, was not happy with Tyreke on this.

Well I don’t think this kind of stuff is really news but it gives people something to talk about while we wait for the draft and free agency to open up.

Tyreke Evans was cited for going 100 mph on Interstate 80 near Antelope Road. The speed limit is only 65. With that made-up imaginary 10 mph leeway zone people assume CHP gives you (they don’t; it’s more of a flow of traffic kind of thing), that means he was only 25 mph over the speed limit. But still it’s enough to mean he can’t do traffic school for this type of offense.

Now, this isn’t the first time he’s been cited for reckless driving. There were times during the NBA season in which he would drive into the lane and seemingly have no options but to force a shot. (Get it? Reckless driving? I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitresses)

In all seriousness, this isn’t that big of a deal. Guns were drawn on him as he and a friend got out of the car. This was apparently done because his windows are tinted for the driver and passenger side windows. He was handcuffed for a brief moment and then had them taken off once the officers determined nothing illegal or threatening was going on outside of the speeding. He wasn’t drunk. He wasn’t high. He wasn’t carrying any weapons other than that new jumper he’s working on. This isn’t like when Noc got busted for a DUI.

But some people will make this into a bigger deal than it needs to be. I was busted for speeding on I-5 once. It was in Colusa County and I was doing about 92 in a 70. Lots of people get busted for speeding. Heck, lots of people get away with speeding more than they get busted for it. However, this will turn into some people finding a reason not to like the guy even further. The call for Ricky Rubio will be on high alert over the next couple of weeks. Some will try to link this back to the drive-by incident in Pennsylvania that he was never charged for and rightfully so from the bit of digging I’ve done on the subject.

Overall, this is just a stupid speeding ticket that is called reckless driving. He was going to fast. Hopefully, next time he won’t go so fast.

And if it makes you feel any better, my fiancé said she got a speeding ticket at that same point of the freeway years ago. If anything, that’s a hotbed for fast-driving activity.

If anything I’m happy it gives me a reason to post one of my favorite trailers of all-time:

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