Youtube Should Probably Change This

Youtube Should Probably Change This


Youtube Should Probably Change This


I search Youtube often for unique and funny Pittsburgh sports videos to feature on PSAMP. One thing that strikes me every time is when I search for the term “steelers.” Youtube displays a few of the most popular videos in no particular order, and you can then filter by relevance, recent uploads, view counts, etc.

So before you filter the results, the image you see above is the top videos the site shows. And in the very first video still, you see a Steelers defensive player sacking the now-late Steve McNair. As someone who searches Youtube often, I see this same image over and over again.

Now, there’s nothing morally wrong with Youtube having a still of a now-deceased football player, but it just weirds me out every time. After that same video has been the top result for so long, I think Youtube should switch to a new video, or at least a new still from that one clip. It’s not like you can’t change which still is shown in the preview like that. Because you can.

I wonder if that second still is Timmons tackling Chris Henry?

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