Say it ain't so, Vince

Say it ain't so, Vince


Say it ain't so, Vince


As we continue to wade through the seemingly endless waters of the NFL offseason, some unfortunate news pertaining to the Tennessee Titans emerged yesterday evening. Quarterback Vince Young was involved in an altercation at a Dallas-based club and was issued an assault citation for his actions.

With OTAs resuming over the course of the next few days, this incident can certainly be viewed as an unnecessary distraction for a Titans’ team that is preparing itself for training camp.

The re-emergence of Vince Young has been one of the team’s biggest stories as of late. After a nightmarish 2008 season that consisted of on-the-field struggles that led to off-the-field distractions, Vince seized the opportunity that presented itself due to Kerry Collins’ poor performance in 2009. He proved the doubters wrong by helping lead the team to a 8-2 finish while also reclaiming the title of the Titans’ present and future signal-caller.

During this offseason, we read stories regarding Vince Young’s continued growth as a person and an NFL quarterback. Even his decision to switch agents suggested that VY was entering a more serious phase of his career where the desire to be a successful QB ranked #1 on his list of priorities.

While this incident, in my opinion, doesn’t take all of the air out of the balloon regarding my excitement for Vince’s potential on-field success in 2010, it certainly does serve as a means of tarnishing VY’s squeaky-clean image as of late.

Just as we’re getting excited about him emerging as not only as a solid QB but a leader of this football team, an immature act rears its ugly head yet again.

Hopefully, Vince will be able to move forward and continue to assert himself as the team’s franchise QB on-the-field but unfortunately, due to an off-the-field incident, the question marks surrounding VY’s ability to accomplish those things will inevitably, re-emerge once again.


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