Texas Two Step?

Texas Two Step?

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Texas Two Step?


Face the wheel, make a deal

As the recruiting wheel turns, what looked to be a lock for the Pac-10 is now on shaky ground.

As we’ve talked about before, rumors were that the Pac-10 was looking to grab Texas, TTU, aTm, Oklahoma State, OU, and either Baylor or Colorado to expand to 16. When Colorado jumped west, it appeared that this was a sure thing.

Now, however, we’re hearing that the Aggies will be moving to the SEC. Rumors are that this is due, in part, to former Alabama coach Gene Stalling’s place on the aTm board of regents.

What This Means– Who knows? But it does seem to indicate, if true, that the Texas legislature will be limited in their influence over the University of Texas, and may not pressure them to move in mass to a new conference with the other Texas institutions. The “Tech Problem” President Gee was speaking about.

Other Rumors to be Mongered– We’re also hearing that the Pac-10 may be interested in Missouri and/or Kansas. Nothing solid, so no linkage, but it’s out there.

Interesting Factoid: If Nebraska begins playing in the Big T1e2n in football for the 2011 season, it will leave the Big 12/10 without enough teams to automatically allow them to play a championship game (although, the NCAA may make an exception). So, there may be an additional revenue-based motivation for the other Big 12/10 teams to make decisions quickly.

Questions Remaining– If Texas goes to the Pac-10, who do they take to fill aTm’s spot- Utah? Baylor? KU? Mizzou? Do they try to stick it out in the Big 12 or add SMU, Houston, and TCU? Does this free Texas in a way that makes a move to the Big T1e2n more plausible? Also- Does the SEC stop with aTm, or do they push for Oklahoma and other schools?

Again, we’ll continue to enjoy the cornucopia of wonders as it develops.

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