Your Morning Dump... Where the face is changing, even if no one leaves

Your Morning Dump... Where the face is changing, even if no one leaves

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Your Morning Dump... Where the face is changing, even if no one leaves


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It is time. Put Rondo on the cover of next season’s media guide. Make
him the go-to guy, the face of the franchise. While it is true that
Rondo is, as Garnett has called him, a young’in, just 24 years old and
with just four seasons of NBA experience, he is a star on the rise, as
opposed to Pierce, Allen and Garnett, who are stars on the back nine.

No disrespect intended. It’s a simple case of birth certificates.
Allen, who turns 35 next month, is a veteran of 14 NBA seasons. Garnett,
34, just finished his 15th season. Pierce, the team captain, turns 33
in October. His has 12 NBA seasons on his resume.

Herald: Green is now Rondo's team

God help me, I agree with Steve Buckley.

I'm a proponent of bringing this group back.  We know KG and Paul aren't going anywhere… so might as well sign Ray to a palatable deal and see if we can fill in the blanks around them again.

But next year is year one of "Rondo's team".  It has to be.  We're either all in with this kid, or we're not.  He needs to be in those post-game news conferences… he DOES need to be on the media guide… he needs to be at events and in commercials.

Yes, Rondo could have played a little better in the Finals.  He was up and down with his play and his free throw shooting was a problem.  But those are fixable flaws in a young man's game.

Each failure will make him stronger.  This is Rondo's team now, even if everyone else comes back.

On Page 2: Could DANNY be on the way out?

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With GM Steve Kerr and his lead assistant, David Griffin,
announcing this week their decision to leave Phoenix, owner Robert
will be looking for a new administration. People in the
league expect Ainge to be at the top of his list now that the Celtics'
season is done. Ainge played for the Suns and then coached them for
three seasons through 1999, and he would provide the franchise with a
successful link to its traditions of winning with up-tempo play. Ainge
is one of the top GMs in the league, with a longstanding record of
finding talent in the draft, as well as showing no fear in making big
trades. He remains under contract with Boston, so if Sarver is
interested, he will have to go through the Celtics' ownership group led
by Wyc Grousbeck.

SI: Futures hang in the air after Lakers win

This is the beginning of new rumors regarding Ainge leaving town.  You can expect rumors about almost everyone at this point. 

But if you read that whole Ian Thomsen piece, you'll see the real partnership Doc and Danny have. 

"And then, listen, every working relationship in the world would love to
have the kind of relationship that Danny and I have. We can argue about
stuff, we can disagree. We agree on most things anyway. But when we
don't, we go to dinner right after. There are no grudges. We're open. If
I feel like I have a beef about anything, I don't have to whisper —
there's no whispering about anything in this office. It's just like,
'That's bull!' You call it, and you argue about it and it's great. I
know you can't get that everywhere."

So I have a hard time believing Danny would leave with this feeling of unfinished business still hanging in the air, and Doc Rivers potentially still coaching here. 

And Doc is going to have a hard time leaving.

You would have a hard time telling Kevin Garnett and Paul
you're not coming back, I said, especially if they plead with
you to return for another year — which is something I expect they've
done already and will continue to do this summer.

very difficult for me," Rivers said, pursing his lips and stiffening in
his chair. He was trying hard to not cry.

"Because Kevin is … he's the
best. So … that's very true."
You get choked up just
thinking about saying goodbye to him, I said.

"I do,
whenever …" Whenever he thinks about leaving? He left that part
unfinished. "He's the best."

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