Your Morning Dump... Where Danny's got a rep to maintain

Your Morning Dump... Where Danny's got a rep to maintain

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Your Morning Dump... Where Danny's got a rep to maintain


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But you need more than just one serendipitous moment to win a title in
this league. You need to build a supporting cast that can get the job
done, and you need to do it without breaking the bank.

The draft
is the best way. And over the last seven years, you could argue that no
one's drafted better than the Celtics' own Danny Ainge.

NESN: Ainge looks to build on excellent draft resume

Ainge has a great track record as a drafter, but he hasn’t added an
impact player since Glen Davis in the second round of 2007 through the
Ray Allen trade with Seattle. The Celtics didn’t have a first-rounder
last year thanks to the Kevin Garnett trade and two years ago they
missed badly when they tabbed J.R. Giddens with the 30th overall pick.

Herald: Wanted, Pick and Roll

There have been first-round busts like Green, the high-flying
high-schooler who never got comfortable in the NBA, and Giddens. But
Ainge has found help in the second round with the likes of Davis, Powe
and Gomes. Bill Walker, drafted in the second round in '08, displayed
potential after being shipped to the Knicks in February.

Ainge gets high marks for all he has done in the draft since '03. This
week would be the perfect time for him to keep that trend going with
help needed in several areas and little free-agent options available.

MWDN: Ainge has solid draft history       

No pressure Danny…  Boston is just stinging from a crushing Finals loss and galvanizing itself around the thought that a set of younger legs would have prevented that 4th quarter collapse (never mind that a couple of minor in-game adjustments might have changed the result).  And with that thought in mind, media outlets all over the place are not-so-subtly putting the onus on you to come up with the magic pill at pick number 19 tomorrow night. 

But what should the Celtics go for at 19?  A big man to help Kendrick Perkins (OF COURSE A BIG MAN, YOU MORON, LOOK AT HOW THE C'S GOT CRUSHED ON THE BOARDS!) or an athletic wing man (OF COURSE A WING, YOU MORON, LOOK AT HOW RAY AND PAUL STRUGGLED AT THE END.  AND WHO WILL RUN WITH RONDO???)?  It's a tough call.

So Danny Ainge… Mr. Draft Genius… the big, steaming turd that was put on a platter last Thursday night will sit at your desk THIS Thursday night.  All we want here in Boston is a franchise player that 18 other teams completely whiffed on.  Disregard the intense build up about how great you are which will lead to the inevitable impossible-to-achieve expectations… you're, like, the best drafter ever… so don't screw it up.

On Page 2, famous people thank the C's

Thank you ad

"You are our 2010 World Champions" reads the ad, which was signed by
television personality Maria Menounos, comedian Dane Cook, actor Eliza
Dushku and musician/actor Donnie Wahlberg. Patriots Wes Welker and Vince
Wilfork and Wilfork's wife, Bianca, also signed the ad, as did several
others from the entertainment industry: — Chris Evans, Michael and
Michelle Chiklis, Chris Ivery, Ellen Pompeo, Keven Undergaro and
Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Globe: Celebrities honor Celtics with Globe ad

You know Christopher Mintz-Plasse as McLovin. 

Nice gesture.

(Via Ball Don't Lie

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