Amar'e Stoudemire is a Knick (and another quick note on Ray)

Amar'e Stoudemire is a Knick (and another quick note on Ray)

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Amar'e Stoudemire is a Knick (and another quick note on Ray)


Amazing what $100 million can do to patch up differences with his former coach.  Amar'e has agreed to a 5 year deal with New York, pairing him back with the coach that couldn't quite get the job done in Phoenix where they had much better talent surrounding him.

Here's my favorite part of Aldridge's piece:

What Stoudemire brings in terms of production (career averages of 21.4 points and 8.9 rebounds) isn't that much different than what New York got last season from David Lee, the 26-year-old free agent forward who finished second in the league in rebounds last season and averaged 20 and 11 in Mike D'Antoni's system last season. Neither is known for his defense, either. But Stoudemire brings a star power that the Knicks have lacked for almost a decade, since the end of the Patrick Ewing era. And he provides an anchor from which the team can try to lure other premier free agents.

So the Knicks are paying $20 milllion for a guy that will give them the same thing David Lee could give them for around half that.  

Of course, I'm not saying Lee is better or even as good as Amar'e.  I am saying the Knicks are blowing it, big time.  They're overpaying for a power forward who doesn't rebound well, doesn't defend, and benefited greatly from Steve Nash's presence.

The Knicks can still add pieces around him, and they'll need to.  But as their "big splash" guy… I'm sure this is NOT what Knicks fans were waiting for.

As for that note on Ray:  The rumblings that the Cavs are looking at him are still out there.  Nothing that we haven't heard before.  But with it seeming more and more like LeBron is leaning towards staying home, they're looking for pieces to fit around him.  A reliable shooter like Ray is something they don't have, and most certainly will want.  So don't expect these rumors to go away any time soon.

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