Coltzilla interview with Guice

Coltzilla interview with Guice


Coltzilla interview with Guice


Mock talks to a hopefull Colt

Since arriving in Indianapolis, what differences pop out to you from your experience in Tennessee?

I am going into it with a different frame of mind.  Now I have one training camp under my belt, so I know the kind of focus to go into with, how to be coachable, and how to take the good with the bad.  I know not to worry as much about the little things but still make sure I do them right, if that makes sense.

What kind of work do you do on your own every day?

I try to catch at least 100 balls after practice.  Usually Pierre, Taj, and Austin will try to get together and catch at least 100 balls.  If I make a mental lapse in practice, I try to work on that then.  I try to do something during that time to get the upper-hand, learn, and just use those 10 minutes at a time to stay consistent.

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