Expanding on last night's post

Expanding on last night's post


Expanding on last night's post


Let’s make one thing perfectly clear… What Lebron James did to the city of Cleveland last night, and has done to sports fans everywhere was infinitely worse than anything that Brett Favre did to Green Bay or fans anywhere (I’m more disgusted with Minnesotans greedily aligned themselves with such a hated rival as though they had engineered some sort of coup in bringing him to the VIkings, but that’s for a different time). Let’s review
Lebron left in the prime of his career, Favre did not.
Favre won rings in Green Bay, Lebron did no such thin in Cleveland
Lebron was a home town hero in Cleveland, Favre was not in Green Bay
The Packers let Favre go because they had a back up plan, the Cavaliers do not.
Lebron drummed up an insane amount of coverage for himself, even creating an hour long special for his decision, Favre was simply indecisive and basked in the attention that was lavished upon him.
Favre was a nuisance, but Lebron James was ruthless.

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