FOX Sports: Vincent Jackson Is Practically A Redskin

FOX Sports: Vincent Jackson Is Practically A Redskin

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FOX Sports: Vincent Jackson Is Practically A Redskin


More buzz, courtesy of FOX Sports, that the Washington Redskins will make a move for San Diego’s disgruntled bad-boy wide-out Vincent Jackson. (Hat tip to Extremeskins for pointing me to this story.)

Say what you will about Jackson’s off-field judgement, but his stat line has improved in each of the past three seasons. With the addition of Donovan McNabb and a pair of new tackles, wide receiver was the next questionable area of the offense.

Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly may yet pan out, but Skins fans have seen enough of Vinny Cerrato’s other talent decisions to leave us queasy about those two. Perhaps Mike and Kyle Shanahan feel the same, enough to push GM Bruce Allen to work harder to land Jackson after making no play for Anquan Bolden.

Adam Schein says it’s practically a done deal for a second round trade pick. That would leave the Redskins with practically nothing to do after the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. A third or fourth round pick goes to the Eagles for McNabb. The remainder of the two goes to the Saints for T. Jamaal Brown.

Any deal for Jackson should make the Skins more open to a second or third round draft pick in exchange for Albert Haynesworth.

Wouldn’t  it be ironic if the Redskins receiving corps was boosted by a Norv Turner cast-off? Turner coaches a Down Field Offense scheme where Jackson is considered a deep threat. Jackson would come to a West Coast Offense that tends to favor quick strikes to the perimeter and yards-after-the-catch.

Sarcasm Alert: Everybody knows that players are interchangeable parts in these schemes and are only too happy to adjust because they can be equally effective in anything.

Terrell Owens (6-3, 224) and Brandon Marshall (6-4, 230) are archetypal West Coast receivers. Jackson (6-5, 230) fits that physical profile.

There wouldn’t seem to be room on the roster for Thomas and Kelly if Jackson comes. So which of those two would be squeezed out by Jackson’s arrival? The coaching staff is mum about that, and they should be. But if I were Malcolm Kelly, I’d be very nervous now.

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