2009 Broncos recap

2009 Broncos recap


2009 Broncos recap


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  • Joe Addai continues to impress me with his power, desire to succeed, and toughness. He was horse-collared twice, tackled awkwardly a couple more times, and downright mauled all day. After every hit, I found myself expecting him to limp off the field, never to return. But he kept coming back for more. The guy is a stud.
  • We’re spoiled, we Colts fans. In many ways, actually, but I’m thinking of penalties at the moment. It not unusual for the Colts to go through a game with three or fewer penalties. Today, they had four for 20 yards. How many did Denver have, you ask? Seven for 65 yards. But it’s when

    they commit penalties that made a huge difference today. They continually shot themselves in the foot with penalties at critical moments. Yep, we’re spoiled.

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