NBA Champion Darko Milicic Highlights

NBA Champion Darko Milicic Highlights

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NBA Champion Darko Milicic Highlights



The “Serbian gangster” has had some memorable moments in his career. None of them really good, but memorable, definitely. I remember his rookie year being at the Palace where he scored his first points of his career in a game against Seattle. The Pistons got blown out that night, but I distinctly remember saying to one of my friends that even though the game was a  bummer, I would never forget seeing Darko score his first bucket of his career. I guess I was right, just not in the way I thought it would be remembered.

I’ve found some good Darko clips. So, take out your Darko bobblehead and tape up your ear lobes and let’s enjoy some of this champions greatest moments.

Mutumbo wagging his finger at a slick backed haired Darko and him laughing it off. Just so much to love about this one.


A Serbian gangster for sure! He went from lovable human victory cigar to threatening more than friendly relations with all the referees mothers/daughters. Darko is crazy! That is my massage to all of you!

This play sums up his career nicely. He biffs an uncontested dunk than can not possibly look more defeated in the immediate aftermath of his miss.

Yep, back to crazy Darko. I like all the other players laughing and avoiding eye contact with a possessed Darko. What a spaz.

Something for the ladies that read Detroit4lyfe and are attracted to 7 foot Serbian man boys.

“Range well beyond the three point line.” -Draft experts scouting the 2003 draft.

I’m probably still the only person that still despises Alonzo Mourning. Anyways, he just got Darkon’d.

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