Preseason cup of joe

Preseason cup of joe


Preseason cup of joe


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* Joseph Addai may be one of the most underrated players of the Colts’ current era of success. It’s true that Addai didn’t go through nearly as difficult an off-season as he did last off-season, when analysts, fans and observers seemed to delight in finding unique ways to Addai bash. He had a solid year last season, and the general vibe this off-season was he was a serviceable, contributing player in the offense. But in a very real sense, Addai is more than that. Much more. He is crucial to the Colts’ passing offense as a receiver and a pass blocker, but it’s as a rusher that Addai often doesn’t get enough credit. He played behind an injured line in 2008 and even last season, it’s not as if the Colts were a dominant run blocking line. Still, he rushed for double digit touchdowns and throughout much of the season, gave the Colts a legitimate enough running game to complement the passing game. This preseason, Addai seems to be starting stronger than ever. With speculation abounding that he won’t be re-signed after the season, and with many observers questioning if he will hold on to his starting job over 2009 first-round selection Donald Brown, Addai has had an impressive touchdown run in the first quarter of each Colts preseason game. Through two games, it’s hard to picture Addai losing his starting job this preseason.

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