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Anybody know what’s up with Beckett? He was cruising along for 5.1 shutout innings, only 2 hits and 1 walk at that point, when the self-implosion began. It gets ugly after that. He gave up 4 runs in that inning. After 6.1 innings, he was mercifully pulled after giving up another 2 runs. The only problem with that is that Manny Delcarmen who seemed to have been on the right track was definitely on the wrong track as he could only get one Angel out while he walked 3, including a run scoring walk. Atchison got the last out of the inning, before Wake came in for mop up duty, only giving up 1 hit in 2 innings.

Oh, do I feel bad for Wake. After making the All Star Team last year, after being a starter for all these years and an economical innings eater, he gets relegated to the bullpen and mop up duty. Someone please give him some potato salad?

The Sox managed only 4 hits, 4 walks, and 2 runs. Papi hit his 27th home run of the year. Well, I guess that 8 game winning streak over the Halos had to end sometime.

Sox 2 Angels 7 BOX SCORE

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