Lester bounces back (sort of), Sox beat Rays

Lester bounces back (sort of), Sox beat Rays

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Lester bounces back (sort of), Sox beat Rays


Despite 5 BB’s, 1 WP, 1 HBP and 2 SB’s, Jon Lester made it through 7 innings on 106 pitches, and allowing only 1 unearned run on 2 hits by the Rays. Bard worked a scoreless 8th, and Pap… well Pap made us squirm again in the 9th inning a bit. He started off great whiffing Longoria on 3 pitches. Then Aybar walked and took 2nd base on defensive indifference. Huh? Only 1 out and you just let him stroll into 2nd? Zobrist then strikes out on 3 pitches. OK, that’s a little better. Then Aybar takes 3rd base on defensive indifference again! Uh, Pap? Victor? You know a single scores him, right? Johnson walks. Pap is missing with his splitter- 2 strikes and 8 balls. Jaso strikes out and we all can breathe again. Sox win! Lester gets his 14th win against 8 losses and lowers his ERA to 3.12, while Bard gets his 29th hold, and Pap gets his 33rd  save.

The Sox tagged David Price for 10 hits, but only managed 3 runs, but it was enough, for tonight anyhow. 8 of 9 Sox starters got hits today with Victor Martinez wielding the biggest bat in the yurt known as the Trop, clubbing 2 HR’s off of Price.

The Sox are now 4.5 GB Tampa, while the Yankees are looking at a 9-2 deficit against the White Sox in the bottom of the 7th inning as of this posting.

Sox 3 Tampa 1 BOX SCORE

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