Attention Readers: Need Your Feedback

Attention Readers: Need Your Feedback


Attention Readers: Need Your Feedback


So after last night’s podcast recording, Tim and I spent a fair bit of time discussing the website, the podcast and the direction that the site is going in. Granted, we’re really happy with the way that things have developed for us over the course of the year, however, there are certain issues that we’d like to get addressed.

1) Discussion

Simply put, the forums on this website aren’t getting used at all. Secondly, for whatever reason, the comment threads are devoid of discussion amongst readers (aside from a few loyal readers who can be counted upon to leave something). I know that prominent discussion here is not an issue because of website traffic. Traffic levels have remained pretty steady over the course of the last while. So I ask of you, what is it? How can I make this website more conducive to discussion and part of your daily routine? Is it the comment system itself? Do you just enjoy coming hear to read only our opinion(s)? How can your experience here be made better?

2) The Live Blog Feed

I know for many of you, the live blog feed on the right-hand side of the page is a fantastic feature that alerts you as to whether or not the other Sens websites have updated their content. And frankly, it does allow you the opportunity to view someone’s work of which, you may not be subjected to otherwise. However, although a number of you specifically use this feature as a launching point in your morning when you’re looking for Senators news, I am starting to flirt with the idea that for the fellow Senators sites out who don’t/refuse to use take advantage of this feature, I may just hardlink you on the sidebar instead with other resources like HFboards or Behind The Net. So let me know how you feel about this idea. Give me your feedback or do one better, encourage the rest of the Senators blogosphere to reciprocate with live feed links. (Note: For some of the sites that already do provide live links, thank you.)

3) Emails

First of all, I just wanted to thank s those who regularly email in with pictures/links/stories that Tim and I should be checking out. We do appreciate these emails. However, now that the season is almost upon us, we’d like to encourage readers to send in Photoshopped images, emails, opinions, anything to help make this website a more interactive place to visit.

4) Feedback

More than anything, I want some feedback from you. What do you want to see this year? What do you want from the blog? What kind of suggestions do you have? What alterations would you make?

Send an email to us at to let us know what you think. Or leave something for us in the comments below, I look forward to hearing from you.

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