Snooki and the Mets

Snooki and the Mets

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Snooki and the Mets


When Squawker Lisa told me that one of the most recognizable women on TV had recorded a video about the Mets, I hoped that it was Christina Hendricks, but the way things are going for the Mets, I’m not surprised to find out that it was Snooki:

It’s not the first time this year that the Mets have been associated with “Jersey Shore.” At the start of the season, David Wright recorded a video with The Situation. The video begins with Wright being asked the following:

Hey, David, last year was tough, but the team looks good this year so far, and you look fantastic. what did you do differently to get in shape?

While Wright’s homers/RBI have jumped from 10/72 in 2009 to 23/92 this year, his average has fallen from .307 to .287, his strikeouts have stayed high and his .851 OPS is not much better than 2009’s .837. So maybe swinging a bat at The Situation’s abs is not the best workout regimen after all.

As for Snooki, it turns out that her video was recorded over three years ago. It includes references to Billy Wagner and the Mets having “two Carloses.” Apparently, even Snooki isn’t about to record a tribute to the current group. But there’s always next year – maybe we’ll hear Snooki sing about how Dillon puts the Gee in GTL.

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