Wait... Johnny Most was only JUST inducted???

Wait... Johnny Most was only JUST inducted???

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Wait... Johnny Most was only JUST inducted???



Also among the inductees were radio host Bruce Arnold, television executive Jim Coppersmith, western Massachusetts radio broadcaster Phil Drumheller, WBZ radio news anchor Gary LaPierre, Spanish radio host Jose Masso, radio executive Philip Weiner, WCVB reporter Janet Wu and National Public Radio host Robin Young.

News director Roger Allan, children’s show host Bob Emery, classical music disc jockey Robert Lurtsema, Boston Celtics broadcaster Johnny Most and WHDH sales executive Harry Wheeler were also posthumously inducted.

Patriot Ledger: Ken Coleman among 17 inducted into Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame

First of all… congratulations to the inductees.  Well deserved honors.


How in the world is Johnny Most only NOW getting inducted into the Mass Broadcasters Hall of Fame?  Have you heard that clip?  How awesome is that?

They just don't make people like that anymore.  An unabashed, blatant bleed-green homer whose standards are set by him and him alone.  And that clip might be my favorite minute and a half of anything.  "The yellow… gutless way they do things here."  

I do a little jig every time I watch this.  I can't help it.

Post Script:

I will admit that I didn't even realize Johnny isn't in the Basketball Hall of Fame.  After writing this post, I took a quick look at the list of Hall of Famers just to confirm he's there.  

But he's not.  Chick Hearn, by the way, is… as he should be.  but so should Johnny.

Johnny Most… the voice of the Celtics for DECADES… The man who made some of the most famous calls in the sport's history is not enshrined in the Hall of Fame.  He was given the Curt Gowdy award… which is great.  But he deserves a bust in the Hall of Fame.  It's a damn shame that he doesn't have one.

So we have a new cause, friends.  We must get Johnny Most in the Hall of Fame.

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