All stacked up?

All stacked up?


All stacked up?


Injuries now could mean great players ready later

Colts president and longtime general manager Bill Polian has taken his share of shots from Colts fans over the years, partially due to impatience on the part of fans who expect every draft pick to have a major impact faster than they sometimes do.  It is at times like these, that Polian shows his real value to the fans and the rest of the league.  The Colts are a deep and highly talented football team capable of weathering this early and sustained storm of injuries to have a winning record and promising future.

As the season rolls on, many of the Colts injured players will return.  The young players who are seeing the field early will give the Colts experienced depth as they head they make a push into the playoffs.  It has not been pretty to this point, but recovery willing, Indianapolis may find itself in really good shape down the stretch.

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